Sunday School

Classes begin at 9:15am in assigned classrooms.

Sunday School

First Baptist Adult Sunday School is primarily grouped based on gender and marital status. These adult small groups create opportunities for adults to participate in personalized Bible study, connect with other adults, be cared for and care for others, and invite their friends to Bible study. Sunday School for school age children and youth are divided by grade and gender. There are also classes for preschool children divided by age from newborns through 5 year olds.

See a complete list of class options below and also at our Welcome Center in the Mall Area.

Class Options


Babies in room C102

Toddlers: Carla McCauley & Andrea Manon in C106

2 yr olds: Rachel Gonzalez & Pat Rushton in C105

3 yr olds: Susie Brisco & Barbara Meador in C107

4 yr olds: Angie Patterson in C108

Karen Thompson & Mattie Stewart in C109


1st & 2nd grade
Cindy King & Crissy Appleton in C204

3rd & 4th grade
Gay & Mark Dowden in C203

5th & 6th grade boys
Wendell Pool & Larry Bristow
in C205/206

5th & 6th grade girls
Anne Pool & Kathy Hall in C205/206


7th  grade girls & boys  in FLC201/202

8th grade girls & boys in FLC203/204   

9th & 10th grade girls  in FLC 205

9th & 10th grade boys in FLC 206

11th & 12th grade girls in  FLC207

11th & 12th grade boys in FLC208


College & Career  in A208



Adult 3 Co-ed:
Mike & Suzie Head, rm. A203

Adult 4 Co-ed:
Rusty & Devon Phenix, rm. A101

Adult 4 Co-ed:
Tim Turlington, rm. A201

Ladies L.I.F.E. Class:
Vicki Cox, Becky Pruitt, rm.  A211

Adult 5 Co-ed:
Tony Stone: rm. A206

Adult 5  Co-ed:
Larry Hill, rm. A213

Adult 6  Men:
Mikel Long, rm. FLC101

Adult 6 Men:
Tommy Freeman, rm. A214

Adult 6 Ladies Circle of Friends:
Connie Carter, Patrice Gage, Brenda Galyean, rm. A204

Adult 7 Ladies-Agape:
Jo Freeman, rm.  A200

Adult 7 Ladies-Grace:
Rickie Watson, rm. A202

Adult 7 Men;
Ronnie Hardin, rm. A207

Adult 7 Men:
William Brown, rm. A216


Adult 8 Ladies Sarah:
Jackie Legg, rm. B101

Adult 8 Ladies Faith:
June Dodd, rm. B102

Adult 8 Co-ed:
Mike Holland, rm. B103

Adult 8 Ladies Ruth:
Toni Hale, rm. B104

Adult 8 Men:
Jerry Hale, rm. B105

Radio Bible Class (all ages) Co-ed:
Clay Gossett, Worship Center